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• Our Brown Paper Grocery Bags are made from tough 100% recycled kraft paper.
• With soft touch top edges to reduce finger cuts.
• Order from as low as 50 paper bags
♻ All our grocery paper bags are made from 100% recycled material and are biodegradable.

Need Custom Printed Grocery Paper Bags Fast?
Full colour custom printed bags in 7 days. Min. order 50. Click for prices.

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Crafted from robust 100% recycled kraft paper, our paper grocery bags are designed to provide a reliable and eco-conscious packaging solution for a diverse range of applications. Whether it's for retail, food service, or any other industry, our paper grocery bags offer a versatile and sustainable packaging option.

Sustainability at Its Core

  • Recycled Material: Our grocery paper bags are sourced from 100% recycled material, underscoring our commitment to minimising environmental impact and promoting the efficient use of resources.
  • Biodegradability: Emphasising our dedication to environmental responsibility, our grocery paper bags are fully biodegradable, ensuring they leave minimal ecological footprint at the end of their lifecycle.

Features That Stand Out

  • Enhanced Safety: Equipped with soft touch top edges, our paper grocery bags are designed to minimize the risk of finger cuts, prioritising both user safety and convenience.
  • Customisable Options: From branding opportunities to size and colour variations, our grocery paper bags offer customisable features to align with your specific packaging needs. We have brown paper bags available for wholesale, laminated paper bags with differant variations, wine bags that fit for any occasion and more.
  • Low Minimum Order: With the flexibility to order from as low as 50 paper bags, we cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring accessibility without compromising on quality or sustainability.

Unveiling Our Paper Grocery Bags

By choosing our paper grocery bags, businesses have the opportunity to align themselves with eco-friendly practices and convey a strong message of environmental stewardship to their customers. Buying grocery paper bags in bulk or wholesale will save your business money. Your business may have the need for personalised bags, with our custom printed grocery bag service your bags can be customised in less than 7 days. The use of sustainable packaging not only reflects positively on the brand but also resonates with the growing segment of environmentally conscious consumers.

As the global shift towards sustainability continues to gain momentum, the significance of eco-friendly packaging solutions cannot be overstated. Our brown paper grocery bags embody the essence of sustainability, offering a responsible choice for businesses seeking to minimise their ecological footprint and foster a greener future.