Which Bag Do I Need?

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Which paper bag is right for my business?

At Smartbag we have bags of bags … which can be a bit daunting, so let us break it down a little.
5 Top Tips to Consider When Choosing the Right Bag
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Choosing the right paper bag for your business will depend on several factors, including the type of products you sell, your branding, and your budget. Here are some things to consider:

1.Bag size: Consider the size of the items you sell and choose a bag that can accommodate them. You don’t want a bag that is too small and won’t fit your products or too big, which will look empty and unprofessional.

2.Material: Smartbag paper bags are made from Kraft paper which is strong and durable. For even stronger bags, glossy and matte laminated bags are made from super durable premium quality art paper.

3.Handle type: Paper bags can have twisted paper handles, or rope handles. Consider the type of items you sell and the weight they carry to choose a handle that can support them.

4.Printing and branding: Choose a paper bag that can showcase your branding and business name to promote your business effectively. You can customise the bags with your logo, company colours, or slogans to make them stand out. Smartbag’s Fast Print service can deliver to your door within 7-10 working days.

5.Cost: Consider your budget when choosing paper bags. Some types of paper bags, such as those made from recycled paper or those with custom printing, may be more expensive. And buying bags in larger quantities will reduce the unit price. Find a balance between cost and quality that aligns with your business goals.
One size does not always fit all
Smartbag stocks many different brown and white paper bags. Some have handles. Some don’t. Some are big. Some are small. Some have reinforced twisted paper handles and others have cotton rope handles. Some are glossy laminated, and some are made from calico while others are NWPP (non-woven polypropylene).
So, what’s the best bag for purpose?
Each of the Smartbag brown and white paper bag range comes in a variety of sizes – with all bag dimensions listed on the website under the respective products.

Some bags are tall (portrait) or wide (landscape) and each bag is measured by height from top to bottom; width from right to left; and depth which is size of gusset or base of the bag.

Depending on what you are selling, your bags should be large (or small) enough and strong enough to ensure your customer can carry your merchandise away from your store without even thinking about the packaging.

If you struggle squashing a purchase into a bag, or the product falls through the bottom of the bag or the handles break, then consider stocking up in a range of different sizes to suit your products.
What is GSM?
The strength of paper is measured in GSM (grams per square metre). GSM is the grammage, or weight of the paper. The higher the number, the heavier and stronger the paper will be.

Smartbag’s brown paper bags are 130gsm and the white bags are slightly lighter at 120gsm.
Paper Bags with Twisted Handles: Brown 130gsm / White 120gsm
Brown paper bags have become popular again. In the 70s the brown paper grocery bag was the norm until plastic pushed it aside. It’s now back in favour and is suitable for most retail needs.

White paper bags are popular with fashion boutiques and jewellery stores and look amazing with logos and brands printed on the sides.

Smartbag’s kraft paper bags have strong handles made from the same material as the bag. The handles are twisted into cords and the handles are glued into the inside of the bags.

The first thing to look at is the measurements of the bag. But if you are like me and don’t have a ruler or tape measure handy, here’s a rough guide to what can fit in each sized bag:
Portrait bags in brown and white:
• Bambino 16.5cm x 14cm x 7.5cm (HxWxD) – perfect for jewellery items

• Toddler 20cm x 17cm x 10cm (HxWxD) – great for candles, soaps, etc

• Baby 26.5cm x 16cm x 5cm (HxWxD) – babywear, socks

• Junior 29cm x 20cm x 10cm (HxWxD) – books

• Small 35cm x 26cm x 9cm (HxWxD) - clothing, accessories

• Midi 42cm x 31cm x 11cm (HxWxD) – toys and unusual shaped object

• Medium 48cm x 34cm x 9cm (HxWxD) – multiple garments or bulkier garments such as suits, jumpers

• Large 50cm x 45cm x 12.5cm (HxWxD) - large toys, cushions, homewares
Landscape bags in brown and white:
• Small Boutique 25cm x 35cm x 11cm (HxWxD)
• Midi Boutique 31cm x 42cm x 11cm (HxWxD)
• Boutique 35cm x 45cm x 12.5cm (HxWxD)
Paper Bags with Black Cotton Rope Handles
These lightweight brown and white bags are suitable for small giftware and souvenirs. The black cotton rope handles give a more elegant and durable touch to the bags.

These bags are a slightly lighter weight at 110gsm and have a cardboard insert base to make them even stronger. The come in the same sizes as the brown and white paper bags listed above, with an additional Minigift size at 10cm x 15cm x 7cm (HxWxD)
Grocery Bags without handles – brown 130gsm
These bags are perfect for fruit markets, food stalls, grocery shops, and convenience stores.

• Small 21cm x 9cm x 5cm (HxWxD)
• Medium 26cm x 13cm x 8cm (HxWxD)
• Large 29.5cm x 16cm x 8.5cm (HxWxD)
• X Large 39cm x 24cm x 12cm (HxWxD)
• XX Large 43cm x 30cm x 17.5cm (HxWxD)
Takeaway Bags
Originally designed for restaurants and cafes, takeaway bags are perfect for loading up with hot food and beverages. Their sturdy handles and a wider base suitable for takeaway containers and bowls.

• Takeaway Small 27cm x24cm x12cm (HxWxD)
• Takeaway Medium 31cm x 30cm x 18cm (HxWxD)
• Takeaway Large 33cm x 35.5cm x22cm (HxWxD)
Wine Bags
Wine bags come in two sizes – for single bottles or two bottles. Smartbag stocks a range of different styles to suit your winery, liquor store or distillery.

• 1 bottle brown paper wine bag with rope handle (130gsm) - 39cm x 11cm x 9cm (HxWxD)

• 2 bottle brown paper wine bag with rope handle (130gsm) - 39cm x 18cm x 9cm (HxWxD)

• Single wine bag with die cut handle (150gsm) - 42cm x 11cm x 9cm (HxWxD)

• Double wine bag with die cut handle (150gsm) 42cm x 18cm x 9cm (HxWxD)

• Triple wine bag with die cut handle (175gsm) 42cm x 22.5cm x 9cm (HxWxD)

• Single wine bag with window (150gsm) 39cm x 11cm x 9cm (HxWxD)

• Double wine bag with window (150gsm) 39cm x 18cm x 9cm (HxWxD)

• Laminated white or black single wine bags 39cm x 11cm x 9cm (HxWxD)

• Laminated white or black double wine bags 39cm x 18cm x 9cm (HxWxD)
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