To Market, To Market! But don’t forget your Bags!

Winter is a popular time for weekend markets, art fairs, and trade shows. There’s nothing better than getting out into the winter sunshine on a Saturday morning to seek out freshly baked goods, hot brewed coffee, and discovering a unique piece of jewellery, gorgeous candle or trendy t-shirt.

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From local produce to vintage trinkets, from fresh flowers to pre-loved clothing, markets are proving popular among young and old searching for a wide variety of goods at reasonable prices. And as the economy turns and people become more cautious with their discretionary spending, weekend outdoor flea markets are becoming more and more popular.

If you are considering setting up a regular market stall or promoting your wares at an upcoming trade show, there is one thing you need to have covered … your shopping bags and packaging! Make sure you have enough brown or white paper bags and paper packaging for your potential clients.

Shoppers wander from aisle to aisle and spend quite a bit of time browsing the stalls, and you know there is nothing worse than trying to juggle a purchase or two so make sure you provide sturdy,good quality paper bags or reusable promotional showbags.

Paper bags or colourful shopping tote bags are a great way to package up your goods, and those branded with your business name are an excellent way to entice other marketgoers to visit your stall. For trade shows and gift fairs, consider supplying sturdy reusable eco-friendly bags printed with your logo and company name. These are a cost-effective tool to help promote your brand to other attendees.

Smartbag offers a range of paper bags in all sizes to suit your products. From bags with twisted handles to grocery-style bags for fruit and vegetables, there is a huge range to choose from. Paper bags or reusable shopping tote bags can be purchased in small quantities, perfect for the one-off weekend stall holder, or in bulk for those business owners who regularly frequent the market circuit.

Smartbagaustralia’s Instagram feed has been teeming with clients promoting their upcoming market events or getting ready up for their next trade fair. Just in the last couple of weeks we’ve had clients setting up shop at dog shows, art fairs, open days, growers’ markets, and distillery tastings. Large and small, city and regional, markets and fairs are a great way to spread the word about your business. The perfect location where potential buyers can try on, taste, touch, and talk about the products and services directly with the business owners in a relaxed setting.
The weekend flea market attracts potential customers from all walks of life and are popular for several reasons:
1. Affordability: Weekend flea markets offer a huge range of products, including handmade crafts, fresh food, coffee, cakes, and second-hand items at more affordable prices compared to traditional retail stores. As people face tighter budgets during an economic downturn, they tend to seek out cost-effective alternatives for their shopping needs, making weekend markets an attractive option.

2. Support for local businesses: Markets are typically populated by local vendors, and small businesses. During a downturn, there is often an increased emphasis on supporting local enterprises to stimulate the local economy. Think back to the COVID lockdowns when we all tried to support the local stores doing it tough. Consumers may choose to shop at weekend markets as a way to directly contribute to the growth and sustainability of their community.

3. Unique and artisanal offerings: Weekend markets often feature unique, handmade, or locally produced items that are not commonly found in mainstream retail stores. These distinctive offerings can be appealing to consumers seeking more personalised and authentic experiences. By purchasing from weekend markets, people can enjoy one-of-a-kind products while supporting independent artists and creators.

4. Sense of community: Weekend markets are often held in public spaces, creating a social atmosphere, and fostering a sense of community. During an economic downturn, when people may be facing financial stress or uncertainty, a weekend market can provide a gathering place where people can connect, share experiences, and simply enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air along with like-minded individuals. There is an array of produce and goods at all price-points so everyone can find something to suit their respective budgets and have a great day out.

5. Entrepreneurial opportunities: Economic downturns can lead to job losses or reduced working hours. In such situations, some individuals may turn to entrepreneurial or self-employment as a means of generating an income. Weekend markets offer a relatively accessible platform for these budding entrepreneurs to showcase their products or services, providing a way to supplement their income or start a small business venture.

Fun Fact: The term ‘flea market’ is derived from the French word “marché aux puces" which literally translates to "market of fleas". Flea markets date back to the 18th century in Paris to describe open-air markets where second-hand goods were sold. These markets often took place in areas where old furniture and other used items were susceptible to infestation by fleas. Luckily today, our flea markets are generally flea-free!

So, if you’re thinking about starting a market stall, do your research and start by finding out about the markets in your local area and contacting the organisers to discuss the costs and logistics of setting up a stall. Think about what you can sell, how you can transport your goods to and from the site, and of course, be prepared with your paper bags and packaging. Fast printed bags from Smartbag can be ready within 7-14 days plus delivery, so give yourself plenty of time to order your bags on the Smartbag website or give the friendly sales team a call on 1300 874 559. The team will be able to help you design your custom printed bags and arrange delivery to your door, or click and collect from our Ingleburn warehouse in south-western Sydney.

And don’t forget to tag Smartbagaustralia on Instagram so we can follow along your market journey. We love to see our paper bags out in the world!
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