Stand Out From the Crowd: Differentiate Your Business with Custom Bags

Another milestone has been hit in the war against plastic as Coles Group announced they will phase out their soft-plastic shopping bags by the end of June, saving 230 million plastic bags from circulating and potentially clogging our waterways and landfill sites. This follows their move to phase out the single-use plastic bags back in 2018, saving around 14,000 tonnes of plastic from every being made in the first place.

Coles will be offering 100% recycled paper bags at their checkouts and for online customers, bringing the end to the plastic bag revolution in one of Australia’s biggest supermarket chains.

wholesale cheap quality paper bags
Here at Smartbag, we have always known how good paper bags can be.

We should know. We sell a heap of them, and it can sometimes be quite surprising where the next order might come from.

Who needs a paper bag?
Just about everyone!

From fashion retailers who love our boutique white paper bag range, to the restaurants and cafes ordering takeaway paper bags, there are many different industries all needing paper bags in every size. Many dentists, veterinarians, and optometrists are among the Smartbag client range. Also, schools, fetes and market stalls are always looking for paper bags. From small startups to big corporations like Toyota, Mazda, and McDonalds, Smartbag supplies high quality, sturdy paper bags for every occasion.

Smartbag’s client base is spread across a wide gamut of industries. Just about every type of business will need a paper bag at some time or another and branding the bags with logos and company names is a cost-effective way to grab attention of potential customers.

If you manage any one of these businesses, you should consider branding your next order of paper bags to make the biggest impact with your marketing budget:

1. Bakeries: Pastry shops, bakeries, and cake shops frequently use paper bags to package bread, pastries, cookies, and cakes for customers.

2. Homeware and Speciality Shops: Businesses selling specialty items such as handmade crafts, jewellery, or artisanal products often choose paper bags to provide an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing packaging option.

3. Pharmacies: Pharmaceutical stores and chemists use paper bags to hand out prescriptions or package over-the-counter products for customers.

4. Event Planners: Event planners and organisers are big consumers of custom printed paper bags for distributing event materials and promotional items, and also use as goodie bags during conferences, trade shows, or corporate events.

5. Hair Salons and Beauty Clinics: As well as hair and skin treatments, these businesses sell many products and need paper bags for their customers to carry away their purchases.

6. Retail Stores: Clothing boutiques, shoe shops, gift shops, bookstores, and other retail establishments often use paper bags for packaging customer purchases. These stores also take advantage of tissue paper to make their items more attractive for the buyer.

7. Restaurants and Cafes: Takeaway and delivery services rely on takeaway paper bags to carry food items for home deliveries or doggie bags.

8. Boutiques and High-end Stores: Luxury boutiques, designer stores, and high-end fashion outlets often opt for custom-designed glossy or laminated paper bags to enhance the shopping experience and reflect their brand image.

9. Farmers’ Markets: Vendors at farmers’ or weekend markets often prefer paper bags to pack fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, and other items they sell.

10. Distilleries and Liquor Stores: Bottle shops, wineries, and distilleries not only use the standard paper bags for their goods, but also take advantage of the specially sized wine bags. Suitable for one or two bottles, wine bags are a popular preference in these industries.

11. Charities and Fundraisers: Custom printed bags are a popular choice to promote specific fundraisers or charity events. Often handed out at registration to these events, the bags can be reused again and again and continue to promote the cause.

It is worth noting that the choice between paper bags and other packaging options can vary based on factors such as the nature of the products, branding considerations, and customer preferences.

Printed Bags Make all the Difference

Printing a business logo on paper bags makes good business sense, providing several advantages for your business:

1. Brand Recognition: Custom-printed paper bags with a logo or your business name helps reinforce brand identity and increase brand recognition. When customers see the logo on the bag, it creates a visual association with the business, making it more memorable.

2. Professional Appearance: Printed paper bags add a professional touch to the packaging and convey a sense of quality and attention to detail. It shows that the business takes pride in its brand and is committed to delivering a positive customer experience.

3. Marketing and Advertising: Paper bags with a logo or company details printed on the side essentially act as a mobile advertisement. When customers carry these bags around, they become moving billboards, promoting your business to others who see the bag. It can help attract new customers and generate word-of-mouth referrals.

4. Customer Loyalty and Engagement: Branded paper bags can contribute to customer loyalty by creating a sense of belonging and association with the business. It enhances the overall shopping experience, making customers feel valued and connected to the brand.

5. Brand Differentiation: In a competitive market, printed paper bags can help a business stand out from its competitors. It allows for customisation and unique branding elements that set the company apart and make it more memorable in the eyes of customers.

6. Increased Perceived Value: Printed logos on paper bags can give the impression of higher value and quality. Customers often associate branded packaging with a more premium experience, which can positively influence their perception of the products or services being offered.

7. Brand Consistency: By printing your logo, company name, or unique design on your paper bags, you ensure brand consistency across various touchpoints. It aligns with other marketing materials such as business cards, signage, or website design which creates a cohesive and unified brand image.

Fast printed paper bags are available 24/7 from Smartbag’s online store or give us a call on 1300 874 559 to discuss your requirements with one of our team members.
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