Is Your Business Ready for the Christmas Rush?

a• Do you have enough paper bags? Make sure you have enough stock in assorted sizes for your sales events. Buying bags, satchels and boxes in bulk can also save you money.

• Have you printed your company details and logo onto your bags? Do not miss an opportunity to advertise your business through your packaging. Printed bags are the easiest and cheapest way to do this. Smartbag’s Custom Print Service will have your branded bags to you in no time at all.

• Did you know that the colour red can (literally) make your heart race? No wonder so many businesses use the colour red around sales events for their signage and packaging. Print your brand and sales logo onto a white paper bag with red print to grab attention.

• For online retailers, check your website speed. You do not want your website to let you down at the busiest time of the year.

• Promotion! Do your customers know you are having a sale? With big sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday it is easy to get lost in the crowd of sales. Social media, newsletters and mailing lists are invaluable leading up to sales time. Shout out to your existing customers and let them know you have dropped your prices.

Shop Till You Drop!
Last year, according to the National Australia Bank, Australians spent around $8 billion during the four-day Black Friday sales event.

Here is a few tips for shoppers to get the most out of the sales period:

• Plan your shop. Consider if you really need that product with the sale price tag.

• Sign up to newsletters from your favourite brands to keep track of sales. If you register with Smartbag when you make a purchase, you will automatically receive notice of any sales

• Know your prices, especially if you are looking for electronics or appliances. Check that the product on sale really is ticketed at a lower price than normal.

• Look out for discount coupons or promotional codes. Many online retailers, like Smartbag, offer discount coupons but you need to enter the code when you checkout.

• Keep an eye on the offer timeframe. Some sales only run for a few days.
• Not everything is on sale. Do not assume a huge “Sale” sign in the window means everything is on sale. Usually there are sales racks or part of the store dedicated to sales items. If you are not sure of a price of an item, ask before you hand over your credit card.

• Beware of scams. Do not be fooled into click on links in unsolicited emails unless you are sure of their origin. And ensure your computer has the latest version of your security software.

Sales events are a fantastic way to attract new customers and build on brand loyalty. Sales also give you an opportunity to move excess stock and make way for new seasonal merchandise. With a little planning, sales can be an effective way to improve your bottom line and see you in the black!

This sales season make sure your business is ready.
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