Ah Tissue! Ah Tissue!

Who doesn’t love receiving a neatly wrapped present at Christmas time?
The anticipation of holding a colourfully neatly wrapped box.
wholesale fast printed white paper bags
Turning it over, wondering what is inside.

Gently undoing the paper.

Followed by the surprise of the reveal.

The delight of unwrapping can be as good as the gift itself.

You can capitalise on this for your business by simply wrapping your merchandise before you place them into your brown paper shopping bags. Adding a layer of tissue paper to your retail packaging will create a more positive experience for your customer.

Wrap to Boost Your Business
A thin layer of lightweight tissue wrapping paper can add an extra ‘wow’ to the customer’s unboxing experience, with the added bonus of raising the profile of your brand.

Wrapping products with tissue paper creates a sense of luxury. Matching the colour of the tissue paper with your logo, shop interior, or website will highlight your brand and help make your products more memorable for your customers.

You could also tie in tissue paper selection with the season – red for Valentine’s Day, orange for Halloween, and with Christmas just around the corner, add a little bling to your retail packaging with metallic tissue wrap in gold or silver.

For ecommerce customers, the opening of a parcel or box is the highest point of brand engagement with your business, so to improve the unboxing experience add a little tissue paper to the mix.

Wrapping the product tells the recipient that your business cares about the presentation of its products. It makes them feel special and they are more likely to tell others about you and your business.

Smartbag stocks high quality 17gsm tissue paper in a multitude of colours and is the perfect choice for wrapping clothes, gifts, and homewares.

Seal the package with a printed sticker of your logo then pop into one of our luxury laminated bags with rope handles, custom printed white paper bags or high quality mailing boxes.
What Does gsm Mean?
Paper is measured in thickness or grams per square metre (gsm). Each type of paper has a gsm based on a numerical scale. The lower the gsm, the thinner the paper.

Tissue paper, light in texture and generally fairly transparent, weighs around 17gsm.

As a comparison, Smartbag’s brown paper retail bags and grocery bags are 130gsm which makes them strong and sturdy for the weekly fruit and vegetables shop. The white paper bags are 120gsm making them a perfect choice for clothing boutiques, jewellery, and gift shops.
Add a Customised Sticker
Unboxing videos have had a surge on Tik Tok and Instagram with social media influencers sharing their experiences with their followers millions of times.

You can share a piece of that free advertising pie by making your product packaging stand out. Tissue paper can add a layer of anticipation in the unboxing process. It can be a very cost-effective way to add a sense of elegance to your product. The more beautiful the package, the more likely your customers will share their unboxing experience online to spread the word about your brand.

A great way to grab attention is to add a customised sticker. While customised tissue paper can be expensive for a small business or retailer, you can create branded stickers at a fraction of the cost. You can use the sticker to seal the tissue paper package or brand your bags by adding a sticker to the side. Smartbag offers bag bundles with stickers to make your purchasing experience quicker and more cost effective. You can choose from white and brown paper bags in a variety of sizes with round stickers or rectangle stickers.
What’s in the box?
If you are mailing merchandise to your customer, consider enhancing the unboxing experience for them.

The actual mailing box does not need to be fancy or colourful. It is more about the packaging inside that sets the heart racing. That added layer of tissue paper will add a little suspense and make the contents more appealing to the recipient. You can wrap the product in tissue paper or use a number of layers between multiple items.

Don’t miss the opportunity to print your mailing boxes with your design or logo to make the package instantly recognisable. Smartbag’s fast print options include printing postage boxes with your logo and company name in full colour and you can make an order from as little as fifty boxes. The boxes come in three versatile sizes to suit any ecommerce retailer.

Choose Paper Over Plastic
Tissue paper is a useful protector of your goods in transit. Paper is a better choice than plastic when it comes to packaging fragile items. It is so much better for the environment than foam packaging, packing peanuts, bubble wrap or plastic inflatable packaging products.

Tissue paper is the ultimate recyclable as it is made from recycled paper pulp or recycled newspapers and cardboard.

Tissue paper can be reused over and over again. Keeping a stash of coloured tissue paper in the bottom drawer is handy for wrapping last minute gifts, using to make DIY home décor, and kids’ craft projects.

Tissue paper is also excellent for making Christmas decorations with the kids. Spend the afternoon making fun colourful pom poms to hang on the Christmas tree. Kids love playing with tissue paper as it crumples easily, comes in a range of colours and is awesome to bunch up and stick onto paper to make creative artworks.

Tissue paper is a cost-effective way to add to the theatre of unboxing for your customers. A bright, colourful layer that adds to the excitement of gift-giving.

Whether you stuff your brown paper bags with tissue paper to protect a glass candle, or carefully hand wrap a linen shirt, or line a mailing box with brightly coloured tissue, the unboxing experience for your customers can only be enhanced by that soft layer of wafer-thin paper.
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