5 Reasons to Move to Paper Bags (Now!)

Look around your shop or online platform.
Have you transformed your packaging?
Here’s five reasons to move to paper bags now…

1. Paper bags are biodegradable and recyclable
That means the bacteria and fungi in the dirt will eventually eat up the paper. Well, not literally ‘eat up’ but nature’s micro-organisms help it decompose over time. About a thousand years’ less time than plastic.
Paper bags are also recyclable. In fact, paper bags can be recycled and come back as more paper bags! Simply place them in your household recycling bin.

2. Promote your brand
Have you ever made a luxury purchase and felt great as you carried it away in a beautiful high-end bag?
Think of the shopping paper bag as a walking advertisement for your brand. An opportunity to put your name out on the high street for all to see.
Personalise with your business name and logo on a high quality paper bag – it’s a cost effective piece of merchandise.

3. Paper Bags are Stronger
We’ve all been there. You empty the kitchen bin, haul the plastic bag down the stairs, only for it to split before you heave-ho it into the bin. (There was a reason we used to wrap our scraps in newspaper in the 70s!)
Pack your groceries in brown paper grocery bags, then reuse them as bin liners.
A large strong brown paper bag provides a wider base and their rectangle structure means you can fit more into your bag. They also stand up better on their own than a plastic bag.
Let’s go retro again!

4. Reuse, Reuse, Reuse
People reuse functional, sturdy paper bags, time and time again. And if that bag has your company name on it, then that’s a bonus. A free mobile ad for your business.
Paper bags also have a million other uses - kid’s craft activities, use them as gift wrapping and greeting cards, create Christmas decorations, cover school books, line your compost bins. And many more possibilities.

5. Think of the animals!
As we mentioned earlier, we must move away from plastics to save our marine life. Too much plastic is choking our oceans and it is time to make the change.
It is time to move to paper bags for your business.

Still not convinced that paper is better?
Photo supplied by JB
Then, take a look at our other options that may suit your needs.
We have a huge range of calico tote bags, non-woven polypropylene eco tote bags, as well as gloss and matte laminated bags. All can be customised with your logo and company details.

Smartbag is sure to have a bag for your business.
Don’t delay in making the switch from plastic and if you need customised paper bags in a hurry, check out our new Custom Printed in 7 Days option.
Small quantities or large quantities - we can deliver personalised paper bags to your door in a flash!
Give us as call on 1300 874 559 to discuss your needs or order online.
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