Postal Satchels

Our wholesale postal satchels come in a variety of sizes for all your packaging needs.

    • $88.20
      1 Carton
      3+ Cartons
      500 per Carton
      Height: 25cm
      Width: 35cm
      Depth: 5cm(top flap)

    • $110.25
      1 Carton
      3+ Cartons
      500 per Carton
      Height: 42cm
      Width: 32cm
      Depth: 5cm

    • $101.85
      1 Carton
      3+ Cartons
      250 per Carton
      Height: 60cm
      Width: 45cm
      Depth: 8cm

    Our wholesale postal satchels are constructed from tough poly bag with come with a white exterior and light grey interior. They have a self-adhesive strip that securely seals the bag’s contents. These can be used by brands and businesses who offer shipping or as a general packing solution for packages sent out via post.