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Use These 3 Simple Strategies to Reduce Your E-Waste in 2018

Monday, January 08, 2018 | Comments (0)

Admit it—we’re all semi-dependent on electronic gadgets these. It’s difficult to imagine how life would be without our smartphones, for instance. Advances in technology have made mobile devices more integrated into our daily lives; aside from sending messages and making calls, our phones are cameras, gaming devices, and music devices, all in one. 

This has created a very lucrative market for manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Sony and many other brands, all of whom offer a rich assortment of consumer devices for virtually any kind of budget, fuelling the incredible demand for these devices.

Unfortunately, this revolution has its own dark side—electronic waste. With technology improving faster than before, this has resulted in an accumulation of unused electronic devices. People are discarding and replacing their electronic devices faster than they can dispose of the old ones.

Of course, there are ways to deal with electronic waste and keep it to a minimum. Follow these tips to control your production of e-waste. 

Wait Until the Device is Phased Out Before You Upgrade

It’s tempting to upgrade to the latest model of your favorite smartphone every year, even though your current is still in great condition. Unless you got a lot of relatives and friends who’d appreciate hand-me-down devices, especially smartphones, why not wait until the device loses all support from the manufacturer before you upgrade?

In the case of smartphones, new models mean new operating systems. However, you’d do well to remember that each version of the operating system can be used by older models that have been released at most 5 years before. You can just update your software and still enjoy the new features, minus the new ones that are marketed with the latest generation of devices.

In other words, the only time to upgrade to a new phone is when your device is no longer supported by the new mobile operating system.

Take Care of Your Gadgets

In addition to upgrades, another reason why people discard their electronic devices is due to wear and tear. U

Unfortunately, while stress tests have shown that such devices are designed to last long, abusing these contraptions and failing to take care of them causes them to break down faster than their rated life expectancy.

So, people go out and buy new ones. However, the now-broken devices are kept and not recycled, thus contributing to the amount of electronic waste accumulating all across the globe.

Take better care of your gadgets and they’ll last a lot longer. Think of this as you doing the environment a favor.


Finally, if your devices have reached the end of their lives, it’s high time now to donate your electronic devices instead of letting them sit down and gather dust. While the battery and the main processing unit may not be working, there are parts inside that can be recycled and used to make other new devices.

Doing so will reduce the need for mining the precious metals used to produce the components that power the more recent versions of your old gadgets.

For more recycling guides and insights, be sure to follow this blog. If you would like to learn more about our line of eco-friendly packaging materials, get in touch with custom printed bag specialists of Smartbag. 

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