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Top Ten Design Trends For 2016-17

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 | Comments (0)

The beauty of the graphic design industry lies in its ever-evolving nature. People’s preferences change; since graphic design has close ties with advertising and marketing, it’s only natural that the industry transforms in response to shifts in tastes and attitudes.

This year, experts weigh in on what they think will be the trends in graphic designing. The predictions are quite interesting.

Handmade Look Will Be In

In an interview with LogoLounge, expert graphic designer Bill Gardner says logos evoking a handmade feel will be taking the stage in 2016. This means that companies, particularly SMEs, will take on a more personal appearance with their company logos. These handmade logos will make use of cursive font to emulate handwriting, and two-dimensional graphics that insinuates intimacy and simplicity.

Google’s Material Design

On the other hand, Janie Kliever of Canva’s Design School blog writes that the Material Design scheme first introduced by Google will also rise up as one of the popular graphic design templates in 2016. With this design language expected to be a trend, one can expect more companies, specifically in the technology and service vector, to implement the tenets of Material Design: blocky elements, lots of white space, and three-dimensional aesthetics for depth and contrast.

Pixel Graphics Will Be In Too!

The rise of “voxel games” like Minecraft, Roblox and many similar titles seem to have influenced corporate graphic design as well. Kliever also noted in the same Design School blog that Coca-Cola have come up with limited edition pixel graphics for their products, featuring elements from the 1978 arcade game “Space Invaders.”

Kliever also added that the use of pixel graphics leans towards a resurgence of retro graphic design elements from 20-30 years ago implemented with today’s modern graphic design techniques.

Minimalism Will Be On the Rise

The World Wildlife Fund features one of the simplest logos ever sported by reputable companies and organizations. The logo features black letters and a single panda, devoid of any other elements including the organization’s full name itself, set against a pure white background. Gardner predicts that such a simple yet thought-provoking design scheme will continue to influence the industry, banking on the technique’s ability to communicate to the audience with minimal design elements.

Mobile Will Drive Graphic Design

Last but not the least, the rise of mobile technology will influence many of the graphic designs in 2016 and onwards. Medium predicts that more graphic designers will implement mobile-inspired work even though the project is not geared towards a mobile audience.

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