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Top 7 Ingenious Ways to Market a Small Business

Thursday, July 07, 2016 | Comments (0)

Top 7 Ingenious Ways to Market a Small Business

Marketing a small business is, by theory, a lot simpler because, for starters, an SME is often focused on a local market and does not have to worry about, at least in the beginning, establishing a nationwide or global presence. That’s the theoretical part—the actual application can be very difficult, especially for inexperienced entrepreneurs.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 7 ingenious marketing techniques that are both inexpensive and effective. Try them out when you can!

1.       Take Advantage of Social Media Sites

By now, you’re probably already posting updates about your business on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn. But if you want an extra punch for building visibility—especially for really new business—use the paid advertising solutions on these sites, such as Sponsored Ads on Facebook. These paid options help you market your business faster by targeting an audience by demographic, as well as city/region.

2.       Attend Trade Shows

The value of trade shows might be overshadowed by social media, but events still offer one of the best ways to build networks with influencers and, in a sense, “spy” on your competitors. Event networking on trade shows also gives you a chance to meet people who might be interested in entering into a business partnership with you. The possibilities are endless.

3.       Think About Participating in Local Organizations

Corporate responsibility is still an effective part of any corporate communications strategy, showing your audience that you support a particular cause. First, think of what advocacy is closest to you—it may or may not be relevant to your business and its product. You can then highlight this cause by publishing the occasional press release about a sponsorship, or by holding promotions, with a certain percentage of each sale going to your supported organization. It’ll seem like a small thing, but it’s a good way of building

4.       Organize Your Own Events

You can promote yourself better by setting small events of your own. For new businesses, events are one of the best ways to generate interest at the local level. Of course, your event has to be relevant to your brand or industry. For example, food and beverage SMEs can benefit from music and entertainment.

Use the event to give away gifts to attendees, giving them a taste of what you offer them as a business.

5.       Give Your Target Market Some Freebies to Think About

Generosity knows no bounds. Organize a giveaway in which your customers can get freebies, like free Eco bags in which to put their purchases from your shop. Some giveaway schemes are literally so cheap that you can run such promos for a sustained period of time.

6.       Think About Content Marketing

People consume information on an astronomical basis especially via the Internet. Get a solid content marketing plan made up and implemented. Articles can be written by you, or by others at reasonable rates; you can even re-purpose existing articles into new ones.

7.       Develop an Affiliate Program for your Customers

This does not work for all businesses, but if your model is one that can work with creating a rewards program for your customers, then by all means, do so. This encourages your clientele to refer others in return for something, and initiates a viral marketing campaign for you by themselves.

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