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Top 5 Influential Graphic Designers of the 21st Century

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 | Comments (0)

Top 5 Influential Graphic Designers of the 21st Century

In any industry, there will always be individuals who that somehow set a mark or raise the standard of the work being done. These people are considered to be “influential” within that industry, as their works undoubtedly push other personalities in that field to do better or, at the very least, implement an element or a few elements of what makes that influential person’s work very effective at achieving the results that it has gained.

Graphic design is barely a century old, but here are five graphic designers that have excelled in their art and work from the second half of the 20th century and onwards.

Chip Kidd

Remember the iconic Jurassic Park logo? That was the work of Chip Kidd, who was primarily active in designing jackets for publications and for editing comic books. Kidd’s work earned him an award from the International Center of Photography – Kidd had seamlessly integrated photographic elements in his graphic design work.


Michael Bierut    

Michael Bierut has become a giant in his 30 years of work in graphic design. His impressive resume includes work in big names like Pentagram, Vignelli Associates, Benetton and United Airlines. Bierut also shared his thoughts and advice for budding graphic designers by lecturing all over the world to students as well as publishing several books on the topic.


Stefan Sagmeister

As a graphic designer, Stefan Sagmeister is considered the most gung-ho amongst his contemporaries. He even embossed his own skin with text promoting an AIGA event in 1999. With his entire skin covered with text, he had a photographer shoot a portrait of him and used that portrait for the poster’s design.


Paula Scher

Various brands owe their identities and visual presentation to Paula Scher. Her graphic design work has developed distinctive visual presences for names like Bloomberg, The New York Times Magazine and Target, among others.


David Carson

In a league almost similar to Stefan Sagmeister but less provocative, David Carson’s designs have also been considered as revolutionary by his contemporaries. His designs tend to paste graphics all over the Page. However, with his magazine Ray Gun a success, Carson has built himself a solid reputation as an influential designer.


Jacqueline Casey

Finally, we have Jacqueline Casey, an embodiment in graphic designing of the saying “Simplicity is beauty.” While the others are known for their flamboyant and attention-grabbing designs, Casey’s are known for their clean, simple yet elegant appearances. Throughout her entire career, she worked solely at MIT, remaining there until her death 24 years ago. 


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