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The Biggest Predicted Logo Trends For 2016-17

Monday, May 09, 2016 | Comments (0)

The arrival of a new year often brings many changes across various industries and fields. Graphic and logo design is no exception. This 2016, Bill Gardner of LogoLounge has made a few predictions on what he thinks will be the trend in logo design. Gardner is a prolific predictor of graphic design trends, and has a track record of being the most accurate and sensible out of all the other industry authorities.

More Letter Stacking!

Many companies have made quite a stir when their graphic designers employed a “letter stacking” technique in presenting their brand names to the public. While other people seem confused about the visual bytes, the market as a majority has responded positively to the imagery presented by this technique in graphic designing. Thus, Mr. Gardner believes that this technique will continue to be a force within the graphic design industry for the positive effects it has fostered from the audience.

Thin Lines Will Become a Major Graphic Design Option

As graphic design gravitates towards mobile-friendly imagery, it is highly possible that more companies will want to present their logos and brand images with a clean and crisp appearance. Because of this, Mr. Gardner also predicts that thin line graphic design will make more appearances in the market this year and perhaps in the next years as well.

Besides, mono scripts and thin lines make a welcome change, visually, from all the visually stunning graphic design that comprise of overly bright color themes and loud icons.

Flat Design Will Be In

Similar in appeal to the “thin line” concept, flat logos will also remain popular in 2016. This is not, however, due to its visual appeal but rather of its light weight in terms of app and console loading time. Best examples of these designs include the venerable Microsoft logo, as well as the logo for its subsidiary, the Xbox.

Don’t Count Handmade Designs Out

Handmade designs will also continue to become one of the preferred designs for logos in 2016, Mr. Gardner added. According to the forecaster, handmade designs, or logos that put a personal flair or feel to the design, convey an “honest” and more “heart-felt” message to the viewer. One of these designs’ most prominent features is the use of cursive script, to simulate handwriting. Some designers might even go as far as design their own custom font to further that “handmade” feel.

2016 will, like all previous years, be an exciting year for the graphic design industry. There will be changes, but there will also be evolutions of existing designs that should raise the standard or set a benchmark for all other designers to follow.

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