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Start the Year on a "Green" Note with These 5 Eco Friendly Resolutions

Monday, February 05, 2018 | Comments (0)

February may be upon us, but it’s never too late to start a New Year’s resolution. If you’re looking to embrace an eco-friendlier lifestyle in 2018, here are some resolutions you can take on to do just that.

1.     I Will Conserve Energy

Much of the focus on being “green” in the 21st century revolves around proper trash disposal and segregation. But a “hidden” factor that does just as much damage to the environment is uncontrolled power consumption. 

Take a look at how you use your appliances and electronic devices at home. Do you catch yourself leaving lights in rooms with nobody around? Are you using old appliances that are due for an upgrade?

If you answered yes, now’s a good a time as any to be more conscious about your energy consumption. You can also make upgrades to your home, whether it’s new LED light bulbs, a more efficient LED TV, or an air-conditioner and refrigerator with inverter technology.

2.     I Will Use Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

One of the biggest newsmakers of 2017 was the ramped up ban against single-use plastic bags. Supermarket brands Coles and Woolworths announced last year that they would ban single-use plastics over the next 12 months, and would provide eco-friendly shopping bags as a more sustainable alternative. Other businesses have followed suit, encouraging customers to ditch plastics in favor of reusable bags. 

By reducing your use of disposable plastic bags and shifting to eco-friendly shopping bags, you are helping reduce the demand for plastic products and the amount of plastic waste goes to landfills on a daily basis. Plastics take hundreds of years to naturally decompose, and when they do, they release toxic gasses like methane into the air. 

3.     I Will Recycle

Recycling is more than just a trend; it is a lifestyle that one must pursue if they want to contribute to the well-being of the planet. 

You start doing your part by segregating the stuff that you don’t use anymore. Chances are, 80% of the stuff that’s unused in your house can be re-purposed or donated to a cause. Refrigerators that no longer work can be converted into backyard ponds for aquarium fish. Water containers can also be used as makeshift pots for plants. It’s all up to you and your creativity.

4.     I Will Start Using Organic Goods

Although the organic revolution has been happening for years, it’s never too late to start using more organic goods in your household. Instead of chemical insecticides, for instance, use those made from natural products. You can also support local farmers who follow organic agricultural practices so that reliance on chemical pesticides in large-scale farming is discouraged.

5.     I Will Use Eco-Friendly Products

The market is already bursting with eco-friendly products—you just need to know where to look. You have phone chargers that work using clean and sustainable solar energy. You can invest in cloth napkins instead of plastic disposable diapers. 

Bottom line? The ways for you to go green in 2018 are virtually endless. Get more ideas and insights on sustainability by following this blog. If you want to order sustainable packaging solutions, contact the Smartbag team to learn more about our line of reusable shopping bags, recyclable paper bags, and more.

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