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Planning the design of your retail space

Thursday, July 14, 2016 | Comments (0)

A Guide to Planning the Design of Your Retail Space

Although the mantra of “location, location, location” has always been the guiding principle behind setting up retail spaces, we would argue that design is just as important, if not more. Even stores in the most unlikely of spaces turn into customer magnets when owners creatively use their space’s layout their advantage.

In other words, a great looking store has a direct impact on someone’s desire to go inside.

Designing your retail space is as much a concern for interior design as it is for human psychology. Thus, it requires a lot of planning from the manager’s side, and not a small amount of trial-and-error in the actual application.

Here are some tips that you can make use of when planning how to do the layout of your retail store.

Always Keep Walking Space in Mind

This is the most important concern. You can’t just indiscriminately place displays here, and displays there, leaving little to no space for people to go around. There should be a walking space in between displays that allows the shopper to see your products, unimpeded. If you can’t get a good look at a product you’re unlikely to buy.

Customers don’t want to enter a retail that looks and feels cramped. Imagine the difficulty of navigating your way inside a store when you are elbow to elbow with other people. What usually happens is that potential buyers can no longer take the time to inspect displays and products because they feel uncomfortable.

Comfort will always be every customer’s concern when visiting shops and retail outlets. There should be enough space to accommodate everyone, taking into consider a high volume of customers, especially when you’re holding a sale.

Provide Ample Illumination

Lighting is critical when creating visually appealing retail spaces. Besides having the practical purpose of emphasizing displays and products, lighting also sets the tone and mood of your store. Think about it, between a brightly lit store and one with muted, drab lighting, which one looks more appealing?

There are various types of lighting solutions built for retail spaces in mind, including general, accent, task and ambient lights. Take time to learn about these types of lighting and how to use them effectively in retail spaces.

Treat Your Store as a Moving Presentation

Besides designing with the goal of encouraging people to walk around your store and window shop, think of your interior spaces as being similar to a PowerPoint presentation. Customers should not only walk around – they should also stop and see what’s on the main display. If you’re pushing for a certain product or if you’re running a case-study if that certain product can become a best-seller, that’s a great way of laying things out.

Place Your Best Products on the Right

According to studies, customers tend to gravitate towards their right when entering a store. Thus, if you have new items that you are pushing to your customers’ attention, you might want to think about them in the right corner of the front part of your store.

There are many ways to win a customer’s attention, in addition to the right layout of your retail space. Another way is to organize promotional giveaways, using items such as free personalised gift bags for every customer who comes in to make a purchase.

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