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FLAT DESIGN - It's here to stay!

Monday, May 09, 2016 | Comments (0)

Flat Design—It’s here to stay!

It’s a designers job to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. If you’ve been keeping an eye out on trends in the world of design, you’ll see that contemporary graphic design is moving more and more towards flat and functional design.

This applies not just to mobile applications, but websites as well.  But why is this happening?

One reason is because websites need to be mobile responsive. That is, they need to be optimized for the smaller screens of mobile devices, so it’s only natural for designers to want to implement a flat and simple design to their websites.

As a designer, you can’t escape the inevitable, especially if you’re working for clients. To avoid potential losses in your graphic design business, make it a point to educate yourself and your design team how flat design works and why it’s important. Face it. It’s here to stay!

It’s Minimalist In Nature

Flat graphic design rejects any extraneous graphics and images that just clutter the user interface, on both mobile apps and websites. What results then is a two-dimensional and, in some cases, monochromatic UI. In other cases, bright and vivid colors are juxtaposed with flat and simple icons.

While it could contrast with the minimalist look of any flat theme, designers make use of the pantone scheme to come up with a complementing set of colors to avoid confusion and clutter for the user.

The first known example of contemporary flat design in the computer industry is the design of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, wherein the tech company got rid of the old desktop icons in previous operating systems, replacing them with flat and simple icons. It may have been a competitor response to Apple’s iOS design, and Windows 8 might not have been very successful as an OS, but in terms of design, the system’s flat design was a hit.

Information Is Presented Briefly and In a Concise Manner

Because it’s minimalist in nature, any text found in the design is brief and to the point. True to the design theme’s preference for “less clutter, more functionality,” tool tips and other descriptions have as few words as possible to avoid consuming space that can be otherwise used for more icons or maximized to optimal effect.

While it looks easy to design, implementing flat design can actually be a complicated exercise. To summarize, however, what you’ll need is a good sense of complimenting colors, which takes a lot of experimentation and editing using graphic design software. The results, however, are definitely worth the effort.

Flat Design for your Smartbag

There are certain mediums and print methods, screenprinting in particular, that have always inadvertently leant themselves to flat design due to restrictions within the print process.

Branded, custom printed Smartbags are a good example of this where primary, flat colours reign supreme!

If you need advice on designing your flat design logo for your Smartbag contact us via email at sean@sge.net.au anytime or visit our website www.smartbag.com.au

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