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4 Ways Custom Shopping Bags Will Benefit Your Bottom Line

Friday, November 25, 2016 | Comments (0)

4 Ways Custom Shopping Bags Will Benefit Your Bottom Line

As 2016 comes to a close, now is the perfect time to put out all the stops and ensure you hit your revenue goals by the end of Q4. If your profits are growing but not at the speed you want, you may have considered a number of strategies to get into the black, such as expanding online, changing your store hours, or holding new promotions.

While these strategies have been known to work, have you considered personalised packaging solutions in the form of custom printed shopping bags? While not exactly new, custom shopping bags are a tried and tested solution for improving your bottom line. And with the holidays fast approaching, they can be a timely investment. Below are a few of their benefits.

1.       Custom Shopping Bags Help to Build Brand Loyalty

A 2003 marketing study in Bangkok found that “...packaging reminds consumers of the quality of their purchase, and thus plays a role in satisfaction. Packaging also reminds consumers of their past purchases, so influences (sic) brand loyalty.”

Shopping bags designed with your brand’s logo and messages can serve as powerful advertising tools with incredible mileage. Imagine how each person that buys something from your store carries one as they return to their homes, and think of how many people see that branded bag along the way. Moreover, you can extend your bags’ mileage by producing them to be reusable.

Creating custom shopping bags boils down to thoughtful and clever design. Be sure to include your business logo, your brand colours, and your slogan. If possible, add your contact numbers and links to your social media channels.

Bottom line? Your shopping bags shouldn’t be just shopping bags. Think of them as walking billboards for building awareness and word of mouth marketing.

2.       Custom Shopping Bags Can Be Shareable

A reusable shopping bag is a blank canvas just waiting to be used as a visual marketing tool. According to Dotcom Distribution’s 2013 eCommerce Packaging Survey, “4 in 10 consumers would share a picture of an online order via social media if it came in a unique, branded or gift-like box, and 83 percent of those consumers would do so on Facebook.”

So clearly, product packaging can be a powerful factor for creating a solid first impression, with a practically limitless potential for online virality. With numbers like that, you’d be foolish not to be a little more thoughtful with how your design your shopping bags and other packaging materials.

Almost all retailers recognize the importance of making their shopping bags their own, which is why it’s rare for a retailer not to have some kind of personalised shopping bag for customers. Your job is to make sure you offer something creative and unique whether it’s in the choice of colour or material, you want your customers to feel excited when they shop at your store.

And if your brand-centric shopping bags truly stand out, this excitement just might spread across your customers’ own circle of followers.

3.       Custom Shopping Bags Help Establish Credibility

In the retail sector, image can make or break customer loyalty. If you want people to take your company seriously, offering flimsy plastic shopping bags won’t help your case. Taking the cheapest packaging option might be the economical choice, but it also gives the subliminal message (and a deadly one at that) that you’re cheap and that you don’t care about the quality of your product. Of course, this may not be true at all, but you never know how people make their conclusions based on what they see.

Personalised shopping bags help give your brand a more upscale image, which in turn helps to establish your credibility—a crucial factor if your business is relatively new. If you want to build trust with your customers, you need to show that you’re worth trusting. In other words, you need to look the part, whether it’s by fixing up your store premises, offering a wide product catalogue, or by ensuring your packaging reflects your brand’s desired image.

4.       Custom Shopping Bags Can Capture Repeat Customers

As mentioned earlier, the potential mileage you can get from custom shopping bags can make them worth their weight in gold. Besides having the power to attract new customers whenever your shopping bags are spotted on the street, custom shopping bags made from durable materials like polypropylene or fabric are bound to get reused in some way, expanding their marketing value even further.

And if you integrate your social media marketing (SMM) campaign into your custom packaging, you open the door to the possibility of your bags being seen on social media—provided that their designs are unique enough to be shareworthy, of course.

One way to make your shopping bags “work for you” and capture repeat customers is to offer an incentive program that gives discounts or some other special reward around your packaging. Not only will this encourage customers to reuse your shopping bags, it could also translate into multiple repeat purchases.

For example, you could offer a limited-time 10 percent discount to shoppers who reuse your shopping bags on their purchase. Alternatively, you could encourage shoppers to bring in at least 5 of your reusable shopping bags to qualify for a similar discount.

Not only will this help build brand loyalty, it also shows your community that you care about reducing your environmental footprint.

In Summary

Of course, these are just 4 of the more obvious benefits you can get from using custom shopping bags. Bottom line? Investing in personalised shopping bags is as much a marketing decision as it is a branding one. Perhaps the one catch with buying custom shopping bags is that it doesn’t always come cheap. Fortunately, there are ways to save on your investment, one of which is to order your bags in bulk and have them shipped to you directly.

If you’re not sure about what kind of bag to get or how to design your bags, talk to the experts of Smartbag to find out how we can help you. Call us at 1300 874 559. 

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