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3 Crucial Elements Of A Product Packing Strategy

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 | Comments (0)

3 Crucial Elements Of A Product Packing Strategy

Many don’t realize it, but a great product packing strategy is as good a marketing strategy as any. How a product package looks, feels, functions, and works all contribute to consumer experience – having clear benefits for brand reinforcement, indirect advertising, and the like. Coming up with the perfect product package design is no easy task. However, there are some things you should begin considering to get you on your way.

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Value of Originality

Beyond the intricacies of design and whatever other aesthetic consideration, an important aspect of how your product package looks is its uniqueness. Easily, the most common suggestion is to go for unique and original packaging. “Let your product stand out!” and similar chants. Uniqueness, however, doesn’t always translate to better design as derivative design has its own perks. Emulating a more popular brand’s design may be used to get consumers’ trust, or trick them into getting it with the chance of them going back to it instead of the original in the future.

Whatever your decision may be, it’s wise to keep in mind that the only way your product can look the way you want it to look is by getting it done custom – like a custom bag, for example. Going for a custom bag will allow you to print whatever you want on its sides, how big those sides will be, and what they’ll be made of – giving you full control of the design process.

  1. Consider Safety and Functionality

You will also have to look at how a product works with its packaging. One of the most important considerations in this area is the safety of the product in its bag. Clearly, you wouldn’t want people remembering your brand as the “shop with pretty shopping bags that most of its products break in”. In that case, your product package is much more than just a pretty face. Some tips to remember: make sure that packaging serves to preserve food and keep delicate fragile stuff from breaking. All in all, make sure you get a bag that fits your product well, guaranteeing its safety.

Creativity may come in more prominently in planning package functionality than its aesthetic design. How does your package work? What does it do for your product? An example to consider is children’s biscuit-and-dip snacks: these tend to have a partition between the biscuits and the dip, producing a unique consumer experience.

  1. Branding

Your product package is a representation of your brand. There’s really no way around it. Consumer experience is like suiting: your package design is your outfit, and its function is flirtation. The end goal of all this is to make sure the object of your desire falls in love with you(r brand).

Be sure to place your product’s unique benefits on the face of your product bag. What sets your peanut butter apart from the rest? Were the peanuts grown organic? Were they roasted and processed by elves? Were they sourced from peanut farms in Jupiter? In summary: what do you want people to know about, and think of, your product and brand? These all work to reinforce (or create) your brand image – a job your product packaging will do excellently at, given the chance and proper planning. This especially applies to those engaged in ecommerce, as your product package is your customers’ first and only tactile experience with your brand.

We like to convince ourselves that beauty is only skin-deep. But, more often than not, a customer’s first, and a non-customer’s only, encounter with your product is its outward appearance – its packaging. Be sure to create an impression and experience that will properly your brand and product into other people’s hands.

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