January 2019, by Julius Abendan
Simple Measures to Make Your Retail Store More Sustainable
It’s high time that you think about how you can improve or how you can introduce the concept of sustainability to your retail outlet. There are lots of benefits that you can enjoy from such an endeavor, including lowered power bills and an improved public relations image.
Think about it - your competitors are probably head over heels to convince your target market that they are friendly to the environment? Do you want to get left behind? Of course not, so bear in mind these simple and inexpensive ways of making your retail store more sustainable in the long run.
Influence Your Customers to Get Rid of One-Use Plastic Bags
Encourage your customers to lessen their use of plastic by introducing reusable shopping bags at your store. Train your sales personnel to -- politely, of course -- suggest using reusable shopping bags when checking out, and incentivize your customers by offering discounts or freebies to those who bring their own shopping bags on their next trip to your store.
Change All Your Lights to LED
Florescent lighting is on the way out, and for good reason. LED lights are now offering a more economical approach to lighting your retail store (and your home too!). For instance, a LED bulb can give out light equivalent to what a 5 or 6-watt florescent bulb can unleash, but for a power consumption of only 3 watts.
If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to upgrade your lighting to LED bulbs. Not only can you save money on your power bills, you’re also helping to reduce the overall consumption of fossil fuels in the production of electricity.
Segregate Your Trash, and Tell Your Customers To Do The Same Too
You can start by putting up segregated trash bins at strategic areas of your store. Make sure that the markings are clear and legible. People should know at a glance where the non-recyclable and the recyclable pieces of trash should go.
Not only does this show that you’re serious about promoting sustainability, it also saves you time later on when you have to segregate your trash when the collectors come around.
Support Decor Makers That Utilize Sustainable Materials
Is there a popular designer of decor in your neighborhood that’s known for using recyclable materials? Support that guy and use his designs in your retail store. By doing so, you’re sending a powerful message to your customers.
You can also use real plants at select areas of your store. Not only do they look beautiful, they’re also a breath of fresh air (literally) inside your retail outlet.
Go Paperless!
It’s the digital age! You have the option now to forego paper receipts at your point-of-sales terminals, thanks to several apps and solutions that give you exactly that capability. Encourage your customers to go for paperless receipts, which they can access simply by using a QR code scanner and a specific app on their phone.
These solutions also give you the ability to capture customer information, with their permission, so you can add them to an e-mail listing for future offers and promos.
There are so many ways through which you can make your retail store more sustainable. It takes a bit of research and some creativity on your part but, we assure you, the results are definitely worth it!
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