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Feb 2017, by Julius Abendan
Branding Is the Representation of the Company
Branding is one aspect of business that, sadly, many entrepreneurs fail to invest time and money in. For many entrepreneurs, the immediate goal on their minds is to sustain a good sales margin at the early days of their venture. As such, they often ignore marketing and the value of creating a reliable brand in the eyes of their target market.
To avoid this mistake, it’s important to understand the role branding plays in the management and marketing of a retail chain.
Branding Is the Representation of the Company
Being unique is what every company should strive for. Without it, a business is but a copycat of existing brands.
With branding, you have a means of representing your company and making it stand out against the various similar companies in your target market. Think of it as an ID badge worn by students and company employees within their premises: it provides easy identification as no one else has that unique mark you can call your own.
Branding Makes a Business Recognizable and Visible
By developing its brand and image, a business also improves its visibility and reputation with its target market; this is especially important if the brand caters to a local market. In cases like these, being in good standing with the local community is tied directly to revenue performance.
Without branding, your target market won’t know who you are, and will treat you as another upstart that’s bound to disappear in a few months—often the case for many SMEs.
Branding also plays a vital role in your marketing efforts. For instance, giving away free promotional gifts like custom printed bags to your customers is a good way to increase awareness of your business. For it to be truly effective, the custom bags must be totally customized to reflect your brand message and identity.
You may have noticed that very large brands, in particular FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) such as soft drinks, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs, processed foods and many other consumables, have a strong and consistent brand message and appearance across all of their advertising mediums.
Keeping your branding consistent in colour, the message attached and the imagery that goes along with your logo, is crucial in reaching and staying front-of-mind with your target audience.
Another important play that major brands use is to keep the imagery that appears alongside your brandmark, is relevant to your target audience. This need for relevance is what drives so much of the ever-evolving marketing campaigns that see brands present.
Consider the evolution of McDonalds and Coca-Cola’s marketing journey that they have taken us on over the years. Via constant market analysis, decisions are made regarding the triggers that affect their target audience, and even if the target demographic is changing, or the way of reaching them has evolved.
All of these factors affect the imagery that is presented beside the brand.
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