May 2019, by Julius Abendan
2 Examples of DIY Bag Projects for Kids
It’s not always a good idea to throw away stuff just because you think they’re no longer usable. In an age where the world’s trash is suffocating landfills, every little bit you can do to minimize your waste--whether it’s by recycling, composting, or proper waste disposal--can have a great accumulative effect in the long run,.
The earlier your kids learn about recycling, the better. So, why not teach them to recycle materials that would otherwise go to the trash? For example, if you have extra fabrics lying around at home, or used clothes that no longer fit you, you can easily take these materials and make your own DIY bags.
Here are two ideas for recycling common household items into reusable bags for your kids.
1. Turn Sack Cloth into Coin Purses
If you have any sackcloth you’re about to throw, you might want to hold on to them a little longer. All you need is to wash and dry them, and prepare thread and scissors. There are patterns available online that you use to turn sackcloth (or any other fabric for that matter) in to small coin purses, complete with data on the measurements and instructions on how to sew them together.
Sackcloth can also be purchased at dirt cheap prices, so why not use this as an opportunity to teach your kids some sewing and have them make their own bags?
2. Turn Wrapping Paper Into Bags
You probably have wrapping paper left over from a party in your house, or extras that you kept since last Christmas to be recycled in the next holiday season. In any case, you can take these and, with a little help with your kids, turn them into personalized tote bags.
Again, the Internet is your best friend. Sites like Pinterest have several guides on how to reuse old materials for tote bag projects, so you don’t have a reason to not get started.
The bottom line? Recycling is always a great idea. The bags you create are not only unique and eco-friendly, the process of making them also gives you a chance to bone with your little ones. And who knows? If you create some truly one-of-a-kind designs, you could have a business opportunity in your hands.
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