Feb 2019, by Julius Abendan
5 Simple but Affordable Upgrades You Can Make to Your Retail Store
A little freshness in your retail outlet is necessary, and should NOT hurt. What we mean here is - upgrades and additions to your retail store’s layout should not HURT your overhead in any way.
Here are budget-friendly upgrades and additions that you certainly can afford to put into place in your store. Not only will this keep your outlet continually attractive and new to your customers’ eyes, they can also help you keep expenses to a minimum while still (potentially) raking in profits from new and loyal buyers.
Additional Hanging Space
Are you having difficulties keeping your retail outlet’s layout looking fresh because there is not much space for you play to with? Well, consider introducing more space instead of having to rearrange everything. This you can do by introducing hanging space.
If your store has some space in a high-traffic area that is too small for display racks but looks like it can still be utilized for displays, you can consider putting in hooks and rods in which you can hang merchandise like curtains or even clothing. Hanging rods and wall hooks cost less than $50 a piece, so they’re an investment that you can make.
Affordable and High Quality Flooring
Have your floors aged considerably since the last time you’ve laid your eyes on them? If so, you’d need to upgrade them as soon as possible. Fortunately, certain floor materials come cheap by the square foot, so they’d certainly not put a dent on your cash flows.
There are many materials that are affordable and of high quality that you can use for your outlet’s flooring. These materials include vinyl, laminate flooring, porcelain, wood and carpet tiles. Shop around in the nearest handyman’s store and compare prices. It’s also best if you pick a material that does not require much in terms of maintenance but can still guarantee longevity.
Additional (But Reused) Furniture
A retail outlet needs to make their customers feel comfortable and cozy while they are shopping. Husbands who are just accompanying their wives through a rather tedious shopping spree will certainly appreciate it if you have some furniture near fitting rooms or near displays where they can sit and wait for their spouse to finish.
You don’t even have to purchase new furniture. If you have ones that you don’t use at home and are still looking presentable, you can repurpose them for your outlet. This comes at a minimal cost and, in some cases, for free.
LED Lighting
LED lights are a gift from the heavens. These lights give out a lot more light than your ordinary flourescent light, but at a lower rate of power consumption. For instance, a 3-watt LED bulb can put off light that is equivalent to the output of a 5-watt flourescent bulb.
Imagine the savings you can realize when you upgrade your store’s lighting to an all-LED setup. These power-saving light bulbs also last a lot longer than flourescent bulbs, which means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money frequently buying replacements within a specific period of time.
DIY Paint Jobs
Paint cracks and peels over time and, before you know it, it’s time to add a new layer to keep that wall looking fresh! How do you make sure that you can save money on this upgrade?
The answer is - do it yourself! It’s really easy to do a paint job. The materials themselves like paint brushes, paint rollers, thinners and paint already come cheap. What’s making them expensive is the paid labor you tap to do the job instead of doing it yourself.
Take a day off. Make your store accordingly to remind your customers that you’re closed for renovations and will be back soon. You and your employees can then work on that paint job yourselves. It doesn’t even take more than a day per week to finish the project.
Good luck, and have fun giving your store that much-needed facelift!
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