Feb 2019, by Julius Abendan
5 Creative Ideas to Ensure Your Pop-up Store is a Smashing Success
If you’re going to be leasing temporary space in a supermarket or mall for a pop-up retail store, you might as well make the best out of it. Creativity is one of the keys to success, and you should be creative with your pop-up store if you want it to succeed.
Keep an Eye Out for Events
For starters, you will want to keep your marketing team on the lookout for events. Events are basically the best place to start if you want to jump into the pop-up retail scene. The organizers of these occasions practically do your marketing for you, as they will want to attract people in as well. All you need to do is to market both your pop-up retail and your involvement in the event.
In addition, most of the people who attend these events are guaranteed to step into your pop-up store and look through. This gives you the opportunity to get in touch with them in a personal manner, through which you can give out business cards and educate them about your brand.
Be Innovative With Your Interior and Exterior Designs
Of course, one of the ways through which you can catch the eye (and hearts) of your target audience is to be unique and innovative. Your customers have walked through countless retail store outlets and, whether you admit it or not, brick-and-mortar stores feel and look almost the same as one another.
What you really want to do is to give your customers a chance to experience something new. When they feel like you can give them that, they’ll naturally come over and give your pop-up retail store a chance. You can take inspiration from the pop-ups done by McDonald’s or Diesel.
Invest in a Mobile Pop-Up
A mobile pop-up store is advantageous for many reasons. One, you don’t need to lease and maintain temporary space in a commercial property. Second, mobile pop-ups have the greatest reach and the high visibility factor among all types of pop-up retail stores. You can set up in one place for a few days, then you pack up and conveniently move on to the next location in your roadshow!
Big-name brands have leveraged the advantages of a mobile pop-up store. One name you should recognize is Puma. The brand purchased a relatively inexpensive container van, liveried the interiors and exteriors with the brand’s colors, and went on to hit the road to success.
Make Your Pop-up Relevant to Your Community
If you’re really looking to touch hearts and minds with your pop-up retail outlet, then it’s time to do research and localize your store design and layout. Utilize local talent and materials in building the pop-up. Create a theme that’s sensible to local sentiments and heritage. This sends out the message that you have in your heart the community and that you want to build a relationship with them.
Create Buzz in Social Media by Coming Up With Relevant and Engaging Posts
The last thing you’ll want to do when trying to create a successful pop-up retail campaign is to neglect telling your followers about it. Social media is the most powerful tool you have, and it can do wonders in making people aware that you have a pop-up opening soon!
With that said, it’s high time that you get together with your social media marketing team and brainstorm engaging, relevant and eye-catching posts that you can create to advertise your pop-up retail store online.
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